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Med History 1.pdf
In regards to the medical report, the main takeaways are her several surgeries in removing a tumor and her bouts with pneumonia. With her medical proceedings, one can reason that struggles that her characters go through, especially those that are…

Therapy Session 1.pdf
Transcripts from therapy sessions that detail McCullers’ relationship with James Reeves.

Baylin Exhibit.pdf
The relationship of Carson McCullers between partly her parents & Mary Mercer

The artifacts chosen include a newspaper article on the city in New York where Carson McCullers finished the remaining of her years. My second PDF above shows a letter…

Xavier Exhibit.pdf
This artifact follow the home McCullers had in Nyack and the woman who temporarily stayed with her, June Griesbach and her experience during her stay.

This artifact is a timeline from 1936-1967. It contains various things that happened to Carson throughout that time period. It also mentions the times that she was ill. Obviously the timeline ends in 1967 due to her death in Nyack, New York.

Loralee Exhibit 2.pdf
This letter was written by Dr. Mary Mercer to Jack Fletcher, an employee of United Press International, who she was told may have been able to help her obtain a copy of a very specific picture of Carson McCullers. It was written after McCullers’…

Loralee Exhibit 1.pdf
This letter was written by Reeves to Carson McCullers in 1953 when he was in Bachivillers. Reeves’s is Carson McCullers husband. They married the first time in September 1937 and got a divorce in 1941. She remarried him in 1945 and during 1953 she…

Hannah Exhibit.pdf
Carson McCullers holds a prominent place in Columbus, Georgia’s history, and the extent of her legacy can be seen through her will and estate accounting completed by Floria V. Lasky. A small portion of her will and estate accounting are shown here.…

Carson McCullers's Dinner Party Artifact (Letter) - Natalie.pdf
These artifacts are letters between Mary Mercer and Carson McCullers that show a more intimate side of their relationship. In the first letter, Carson wrote to her about her book and how she was doing, even sending a flower along with her letter to…

Ethan Exhibit Part 1.pdf
Carson Mccullers’ reach with her work went far beyond the borders of her own country. This is a letter from a man who read her book and connected with it personally which allowed him to get through an extreme hardship. It was found in a scrapbook a…

Manuel Exhibit.pdf
This menu for Carson's dinner on her flight across the Atlantic. It contains a flower, a written message from McCullers to one of her closest friends, Mary Mercer, and a more legible translation by her assistant. This artifact is of importance…

McKinley Coat of Arms

Groupings of several photographs on original backing. Writing on the back states, "Kodaks pictures of Baby taken out at Grandfather's when he was a year old. Summer 1908." Moving from left to right, top to bottom, here are the descriptions of each…

Photograph of Marshall Wellborn.

Photograph of Marshall Wellborn with two unidentified women.

Photo of Columbus young ladies (13) including: Laura Spencer, Louise Bullard, Etta Blanchard, Mattie Hatcher, Myra Bullard, Mary McKinley, Willie Yonge, Vera Hatcher, Kate Chears (?), Emmie Blanchard, Mattie O'Maley (?), Pauline Shepherd, Nettie…

Photograph of Mary Goetchius McKinley (Wellborn), who was born February 9, 1882 and died February.1955, holding her child. This two photographs on its original backing. Subjects in images are the same. text on original paper reads, "Took photograph…

Photograph of Mary McKinley- married to Guy McKinley

Photo, over sized, of 16 men posing on steps of a brick building; unlabeled, circa early 1900s