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Photo of 2 young girls, possibly members of the Joseph family, wearing matching green dresses with lace collar.

Photo of two female toddlers, white dress

Photo, baby picture of Curtis Jordan.

Photo of Curtis Joseph dressed in black outfit, high top leather footwear.

Photo of Gertrude Hood Joseph in 1883 as a young infant, born October 8, 1882 in christening gown.

Photo of a young child (male) in black pleated skirt.

Portrait of Roland B. Daniel. Back of photograph reads, "Mrs. T. J. Anderson. Greensboro, Alabama. 12-19667. [and] Dr. R. B. Daniel. Columbus, GA."

Sheet Music composed by Blind Tom

Oliver Gallop1.jpg
Sheet music composed by Blind Tom

Sewing Song 01.jpg
Sheet music composed by Blind Tom

Large portrait of Roland B. Daniel

Photo of Company "C", 1885 with soldiers in formation. Sewanee Military Academy, Sewanee, Tennessee. Now the University of the South. Last names of soldiers in photograph: Glenn, Cheatham, Philips, Shields, DeWitt, Shields D., Hanswerd, Ruth,…

Manuel Exhibit.pdf
This menu for Carson's dinner on her flight across the Atlantic. It contains a flower, a written message from McCullers to one of her closest friends, Mary Mercer, and a more legible translation by her assistant. This artifact is of importance…

Carson McCullers's Dinner Party Artifact (Letter) - Natalie.pdf
These artifacts are letters between Mary Mercer and Carson McCullers that show a more intimate side of their relationship. In the first letter, Carson wrote to her about her book and how she was doing, even sending a flower along with her letter to…

Therapy Session 1.pdf
Transcripts from therapy sessions that detail McCullers’ relationship with James Reeves.

Med History 1.pdf
In regards to the medical report, the main takeaways are her several surgeries in removing a tumor and her bouts with pneumonia. With her medical proceedings, one can reason that struggles that her characters go through, especially those that are…

McKinley Coat of Arms

Photo of Police Headquarters (the Columbus Stockade). Police with civilian clothed individuals are in this photo.

Photo of a church sanctuary with beams arching toward the ceiling.

Photo of 14th Street Bridge from Georgia side approach. It is being dismantled. Guarded by four policemen. 1905.