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At a Crossroads: MidTown, Inc. 2005-2015

MidTown, Inc., a community development organization in Columbus Georgia, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015. This exhibit is a digital summary of the student’s research includes a timeline of MidTown Inc., oral histories and transcripts conducted with people involved with its creation, and demographic maps of Midtown's age, race/ethnicity and education levels.

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Bibb City: Collected Lives from a Mill Town

A rich variety of interpretive materials on Bibb City, a former company-owned mill village in west central Georgia. This exhibit includes an oral history play, text and images from the history exhibit, "in character" walking tour scripts, a printable self-guided community tour, and a downloadable audio tour.

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Carson McCullers

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The Mary Mercer and Margaret Sullivan collections are two of several collections documenting the inspiring life of Carson McCullers. Born in Columbus, Georgia on February 19, 1917, Lula Carson Smith, more commonly known as Carson McCullers, is an important figure in Columbus’ history. Her legacy continues on today through her works and the artifacts found in these collections.

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Digging in the Archives

Explore the CSU Archives and learn how to conduct research using primary sources.

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In Transition: The Visionary Art Environment of Pasaquan


This exhibit captures the transition of the visionary art environment of Pasaquan as it shifts from the Pasaquan Preservation Society to the Kohler Foundation. It includes a collection of resources to inform and contextualize Pasaquan, the life of Eddie Owens Martin, and the preservation and conservation processes.

J. Kyle Spencer Map Collection


The Spencer Map Collection documents the emergence and evolution of the American colonies, specifically Georgia, and the formation of the United States as a whole, ranging from the late 1500s to the late 1800s.

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