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BO19-Fantasie Concertante(Th. Hoch).pdf
Orchestra Arrangement

Theodor Hoch; Ruhle & Wendling, Leipzig – Remarks: piano-director in BP-73

BO15-Zeller-Nightingale Song.pdf
Orchestra Arrangement

Carl Zellar; Schirmer, N.Y. – Remarks: Nightingale song from Der Vogelhandler

BO13-Olcott-Ball-Mother Machree.pdf
Orchestra Arrangement

Chauncey Olcott & Ernest R. Ball; Witmark & Sons

BO12-Nevin-The Rosary.pdf
Orchestra Arrangement

Ethelbert Nevin – Arranger: Text, R. Rogers; Schirmer

BO7-Irmelin Rose (W. Peterson-Berger).pdf
Orchestra Arrangement

Wilhelm Peterson-Berger – Arranger: Berger; Lundquist, Stockholm

BO6-Komm-, komm-, Held meiner Traume (Oskar Straus).pdf
Orchestra Arrangement

O. Strauss; Doblinger, Leipzig – Remarks: From Der Tapfere Soldat

BO5-Mattinata (Ruggiero Leoncavallo) (arr. A. Wilke).pdf
Orchestra Arrangement

R. Leonca Vallo – Arranger: Von A. Wilke; Reohr, Berlin – Remarks: From Der Fruhling

BM9-Der Postillion (Franz Main) op. 87.pdf
[This is a folder not included in the card filed but stamped "BM-9". It contains an assortment of scores in Russian, German and English]

Der Postillion by Franz Mair
Die Alpenfee by Ed. Kremser
Die Post by H. Schäffer
Spring is Coming…