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Ronzell Buckner Carver Heights History Harvest.MP3
Oral history audio file and transcription

Betty Jackson Carver Heights History Harvest.MP3
Oral history of Carver Heights Community, Columbus, GA

Delores Raleigh Carver Heights History Harvest.MP3
The following is an interview with Mrs. Delores Raleigh by Emma Fortson (Columbus State University student). Raleigh is a long-time resident of Carver Heights. The interview lasted 17 minutes and 25 seconds.

Denise Porter Carver Heights History Harvest.MP3
This interview was conducted between Amanda Rees, Professor of Geography, Columbus State University and Mrs Denise Porter, who lived in the Carver Heights subdivison. Mrs Porter is presently the Carver Heights Presbyterian Church’s Clerk of…

BB21-Hoch-Der Liebestramm-The Dream of Love (part 1).pdf
Band Arrangement

Hoch, op. 17; Ruhle & Wendling, Leipzig – Remarks: The Dream of Love, Fantasie, piano-director in BP-73

BQ 35.pdf
Brass Quartet

Arranger: Dietzel; manuscript – Remarks: 2 Trumpets, Horn, and Trombone

BB19 (J. Hartmann) Facilita.pdf
Band Arrangement

J. Hartmann; J.W. Pepper & Son, Philadelphia, Pa.

This is a card file index to the sheet music collection of Vincent Bach (VB). Each index card has the following information: VB number; title; Composer, Duration (usually not noted); Arranger (if any); Country (usually not noted); Publisher (which…

BO63-Violine 1-Orchestral Collection 2.pdf
Orchestra Arrangement

manuscript – Remarks: "Samson et Delilah" by Saint Saens, "Die Post Im Walde" by Schaffer, "Sei Gegrubt Du Mein Schones Sorrent" by Waldmann, "An Der Weser" by Pressel, "Schlosser, die im Monde Liegen" by Lincke, "Es War…

BO62-Orchestral Collection I (Violin I).pdf
Orchestra Arrangement

manuscript – Remarks: "Solveig's Song" by Grieg, "Errherzog Johonn Lied" by Takseh, "Abendstimmung" by Panoch, "Record-Galopp" by Panoch, "Samson et Delilah" by Saint-Saens

BO61-Cornet-12 Russian Dances.pdf
Orchestra Arrangement

manuscript – Remarks: Parts & Scores for 12 Dances

In Box, Cornet part is a pastiche in one book, and the orchestral parts are handwritten in little green books

Orchestra Arrangement

Decker – Arranger: Schenk; Schroeder, Berlin

Orchestra Arrangement

F. Paolo Tosti – Arranger: Words by Melville; Ricordi, London

BO27-Hoch-Nordische Fantasie (part 1).pdf
Orchestra Arrangement

Theodor Hoch, op. 20; Stern & Co., N.Y., Ruhle & Wendling, Leipzig – Remarks: piano-director in BP-73

Orchestra Arrangement

Rossini – Arranger: Wannemacher, rev. Newcombe;Fischer, N.Y.

BO25-Sabathil-La Nonchalance.pdf
Orchestra Arrangement

Fernand Sabathil; Oertel, Hannover – Remarks: Konzert Polka

Orchestra Arrangement

J. Hartmann – Arranger: Ed. F. Goldman; Fischer, N.Y. – Remarks: Air with Variations

BO23-5Tunes by Bohm, Gotze, Dubuque, Suppe, and Denza.pdf
Orchestra Arrangement

BO-23 – Composers: Böhm, Gotze, Bubuque, v. Suppe, Denza – Manuscript – Remarks: "Still wie Die Nacht" by C. Bohm, "O Schone Zeit" by C. Gotze, "Tiefes Leid" by Bubuque, "Had Ich Nur Deine Liebe" by F. v. Suppe, "Si tu…
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