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aerial photo of downtown Phenix City during a flood. Double lane road is 14th Street. The building on the lower right with "PHENIX CITY" on the roof is the old Russell County Court House.

aerial photo of the Phenix City Airport, runway, and hanger at Idle Hour Park. On the left is airport road.

A caregiver with what seems to be a snapping turtle at a zoo. Possibly from the Zoo at Idle Hour Park.

The old Phenix City City Hall building stands in partial ruins in front of the newer city hall building (currently, in 2020, the Police Department).

The Phenix City-Russell County Public Library in the former post office building on 14th Street under a heavy layer of snow.

WPNX, a local AM broadcaster when it was in the former terminal building for the Idle Hour airport.

Staff(?) pose before the Phenix City location of Tri-City Cleaners.

An undated photograph of Slocumb's Super Service.

Whiskey barrels ceased on May 16th, 1916 by government agents. Building in view possibly the warehouse on Dillingham street.

In the early 20th century Girard came under at least three separate raids in 1916, 1923, and 1925. This undated photo shows raiders posing with liquor that was buried in the fields. More information, and a possible date for this photo may be found in…

A group of males pose on the curb beside a church (note the stained glass).

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 11.02.36 PM.png
This is a photo taken of the Columbus, GA TJ-Maxx yesterday morning when they opened their doors for the first time since shutting down back in March. It is concerning to see that so many would rush out to wait in line to shop, but more concerning to…
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