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ceiling, painted, high grand chandeliers

Photo of small girl wearing knickers, blouse and a large ribbon.

River bank scene, Halifax River, Daytona, Florida. Boat anchored in middle of river.

Photo of front of a house with ivy covered walls

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Columbus College student and Saber staff member

MC5 Box8 M F15

Photo of the Joseph family in front of their home in Warm Springs, Georgia, July 17, 1898.

MC327.A.P.0039 (FRONT).JPG
Portrait of single male figure, with house, tree and river in the background. Vibrant, surreal palette. Commercially matted and framed.

Two unidentified cast members of Columbus College's production of "American Graffiti".

MC5 Box1 M F31

Newspaper article about Blind Tom and his death

Two unidentified students rehearsing for their performance of "Henry IV"

MC5 Box1 M F31

"Just say no" scenario with the speaker (right) and an unidentified student.

Located in MC5 Box2 M F.35

Students rehearsing for the play "Marat/Sade". David Fortuna and D. Arnold Powell carry Bruce Greging on their shoulders.

MC5 Box1 M F31

Unidentified Columbus College students performing "Oh Dad, Poor Dad".

MC5 Box1 M F30

A group of people dressed up for Halloween during a pumpkin carving contest.

MC5 Box8 M F17

Three unidentified students in Columbus College's production of "The House of the Blue Leaves"

MC5 Box1 M F29

MC327.A.P.0055 (FRONT).JPG
Round sign with a red and black diamond and spiral motif in the center. It read: " Pasaquan- Afro- American- Indian- Nature- Corporative" around the perimeter, just inside a scalloped aluminum edging. Label on reverse from previous exhibit at the…

MC327.A.P.0001 (FRONT).JPG
Woman with red bow and blue shirt set within an interior bedroom scene. Nails protrude from all four outward edges.

L-R: Sandy Linver and Chris Abbattisti rehearse for the play "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf"