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Cassette Tape 16 Side A -- Letters to Carson




Cassette Tape 16 Side A -- Letters to Carson





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Margaret Sullivan reading "special letters of Carson"

Carbon copy of a letter dated "Sunday" from Margarita Smith [Rita Smith, Carson's sister] to Edwin [Peacock] and John [Zeigler] telling them that she and her mother are having a quiet day at home and that Sister [Carson] is in the Doctors' Hospital for a few days for some new and special treatment. She and Reeves have a passage booked on the America for May 20, and adding that she is distressed about his recent illness and her first trip to the NY zoo in Central Park, spring flowers are starting

undated letter from Tommy Bodkin enclosing a telegram and predicting that she will win the Critics Award, and hopes to see her before her trip to Ireland

undated letter from Tommy Bodkin enclosing a letter, misses her and hope that her treatment will kill her pain

November 20, 1951 letter from William March to Reeves, "sorry to have missed you and Carson", has been working and finished a novel called October Island to be published in England, and is going to start another in the new year

July 23, 1958 letter from Paula Sue Abrams thanking her for coming to Columbia to lecture and commenting on her work and its effect on the young, praising both her work and her person

dated July 31, 1958 letter from John Fieldman inviting her to speak at the Indiana University Literary Awards Banquet and offering her 500 dollars as a speaker's fee, as well as giving her some information about the University and the Award

July 19, 1958 letter from Alan Chestat [?] inviting her to attend an assembly program on literary topics, offering her 150 dollars as a speaker's fee

July 18, 1958 letter also inviting her to speak on a college campus

July 14, 1958 letter from A.S. Buarck of the magazine The Writer offering to publish her talk to Columbia University in the magazine

January 16, 1954 letter from Columbus from Archie G. Smith about a debate he had proposed to the Kiwanis Club twenty years earlier on whether environment or heredity had the greater influence on one's character, but which other members of the entertainment committee felt could not be done justice in such a limited time frame. He suggested that she take this topic on for a new book, and told her that he had a photograph of the Kiwanis Club taken on June 29, 1920 on the steps of the 1st Baptist Church. Her father is standing in the middle of the door, and in the group are the Rhodes Brown, President of the Kiwanis Club that year, and names other members

October 1, 1953 letter from Elizabeth Mitchie of Gaucher College inviting her to deliver a lecture at Gaucher College in Baltimore and offering her 500 dollars as a speaker's fee

May 1, 1952 letter to Mrs. Lamar Smith from Hannah Josephson of the American Academy of Arts and Letters saying that Mr. Paul Bigelow has delivered the typed manuscript of The Member of the Wedding for an exhibit and it has been insured for 5000 dollars, she also invites her and "your distinguished daughter" to the opening ceremonial of the exhibit and in a PS asks if there is photograph of Mrs. McCullers for use in the exhibit

honorary membership card for the International Mark Twain Society signed by Gail Cyril Clemens

note referring to cancelled checks, 25 shares of United Fruit not in deposit box, and asking about Reeves' power of attorney

plane tickets on BOC and excess baggage tickets from London to NY October 25, 1951

24 October, 1951 receipt for travel expenses London to NY

August 7, 1951 receipt from Dr. G. Williams for professional services

2 August,1951 receipt from the R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth for first class passages for Reeves and Carson McCullers

August 8, 1951 baggage declaration and entry in NY signed by Reeves McCullers

November 30, 1950 letter from Nina Holton of Houghton Mifflin concerning her stories Wunderkin and April Afternoon

October 17, 1960 carbon copy of a letter from Hardwick Mosely of Houghton Mifflin to Robert Lantz expressing outrage at McCullers' decision to change publishers and hoping to have a chance to get her to change her mind

October 20, 1960 letter from Robert Lantz to Carson, with a cc to Floria Lasky, about a letter from Houghton Mifflin, and asking her to call him in regards to it

December 26, 1950 letter from Hardwick of Houghton Mifflin telling Carson about the results of their efforts in pre-selling the Ballad of the Sad Café and their planning for its official publication

December 27, 1961 letter from of Houghton Mifflin to Robert Lantz concerning the publication of Clock Without Hands in Braille

December 12, 1950 letter from Alfred Kantourovich [?] Verlag about a German edition of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

December 6, 1950 letter about the German edition of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

registration from the American Kennel Club for a bulldog [Christopher] of McCullers' born September, 1950

March 22, 1950 letter from John Chapman of The News: New York's Picture Newspaper asking to use a digest of The Member of the Wedding in The Next Best Plays

empty envelope mailed to Yaddo




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