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When restaurants won't allow for indoor eating but you want to be out of the house you've got to get creative. Lap trays make useful vehicle tables. Chick-fil-A on Manchester Expressway Columbus, GA

All Staff Library zoom meeting using a tablet and computer. One for personal recording for later consultation featuring Dean Allan Karass from my kitchen table.

Bushes have been planted at the main entrance to the Simon Schwob Memorial Library.

Bust of Simon Schwob Holloween decorated as a lady bug by Emily Cruise angled to see some of the first floor of the Simon Schwob Memorial Library.

Emily Cruise, CSU librarian, has decorated the bust of Simon Schwob as lady bug complete with pandemic mask.

Dairy Queen on Macon Rd in Columbus GA like many other restaurants allow for take away during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Train Station Burger King on Manchester Expressway marking off their tables to encourage physical distancing. Covid-19 Pandemic.

Businesses implement physical distancing in their buildings during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Teleworking creatively at your home workstation during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Working from home allows for variety in areas to work. Columbus GA.

Prices rose for sanitizers. Even small hand sanitizers during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Autozone on Macon Rd. Columbus GA.

Physical distancing in the computer lab A next to the UITS Help desk inside the Simon Schwob Memorial Library.

Lab A inside the Simon Schwob Memorial Library computer lab with physical distancing in effect.

CSU SSML service desk employees working on a puzzle in between the rare patron at the beginning of the pandemic.

In the main computer lab next to the UITS Help desk of the Simon Schwob Memorial Library sign telling patrons to use every other computer to allow distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Alison Cook leaving a notification on her door that she is working from home with a Lucy from Charlie Brown reference.

CSU SSML office door note indicating that the librarian, Emily Crews, is working at her house due to Covid-19.

A Student Perspective from the Restaurant Industry
Nicolas Riney describes his experience being a fast food working during COVID-19.

An interview with Dave with insight on what it is like to test positive for COVID-19, live with at-risk family members, and look for a job, all while being quarantined.
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