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Cassette Tape 16 Side B -- Letters and Telegrams to and from Carson McCullers




Cassette Tape 16 Side B -- Letters and Telegrams to and from Carson McCullers





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Margaret Sullivan reading McCullers letters:

April 14, 1946 letter from Sandy Campbell saying he had read The Member of the Wedding and asked for her to autograph his copy of the book

July 31, 1945 letter from Major Pope saying that when he and a friend had spoken to Kay Boyle during a visit to his command "last winter" she had mentioned "that you [McCullers] had more than ordinary misgivings about what sort of reactions your books and stories had produced". He read the Heart is a Lonely Hunter and found it intolerable that the human heart must be either lonely or a hunter, saying that the heart must be more flower-like than that and grows to a satisfaction deeper than the mind's discouragements, and that the end of the Ballad might hint at that conclusion

April 5, 1946 letter from Constance Coyle [?] of Houghton Mifflin about McCullers' dissatisfaction with her publishers' ad campaign for The Member of the Wedding and adding that her displeasure causes them very real chagrin. She enclosed reviews (including one from Newton Arvin) and copies of advertisements; included in the batch of materials are reviews for all McCullers' books, as well as reviews of Oliver Evans' book on McCullers, The Ballad of Carson McCullers, which Sullivan reads at great length

a series of telegrams congratulating her for success of The Member of the Wedding on Broadway and some of her responses

in addition to the telegrams of congratulations there is a telegram dated November 27, 19?? [Sullivan says that the year is smudged and unreadable] from Reeves McCullers to Mrs. Lamar Smith saying that Carson is much better but must see no one but Bebe, Rita, William and himself for some time. Will arrive LaGuardia on Air France on Sunday morning and will cable approximate time of arrival

September 4, 1951 telegram from Carson to Lt. Reeves McCullers asking to have bank airmail a notarized copy of her bank balance to London to enable her to sponsor Angelina for a visitor's visa

February 25, 1954 telegram to Mama from Charleston with get-well wishes from Edwin and John and closing "I embrace you, your own sister"

July 31, 1953 telegram from Floria Lasky to Princess Ceatani in Paris saying "Wires received. Due to situation, Reeves, Carson's affairs and confusion, she intends honor her obligations sending 300 dollars now for Augenblick. Have him send full details unpaid items. Also confirm to him Carson's previous advice not to accept any further items. Carson unwell. Send communications to me. Expect to resolve matter completely within week."

October 18, 1953 telegram to Lt. Madam Carson McCullers, "Sending one big trunk, personal belongings, silver angel, air mailed letter follows, Reeves Brown (Sullivan says, "This is also item 270")




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