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Pray for Workers.JPG
A Midas auto garage notice board asking passersby to pray for their Front Line Workers. Board is located in uptown Columbus.

A nearly empty view of 9th Street looking west.

A large photograph of the Grand Theatre's outdoor lobby display for the film "Why Men Leave Home" (1924). Photo has some water and adhesive damage. Likely photographed by J. Wright Brown then-manager of both the Rialto and Grand theatres.

A response letter to Mr. E. L. Gullatt from his Manager concerning union issues at local movie theaters (Rialto Theatre, Royal Theatre, and The Grand).

Tau Kappa Epsilon float during the Bicentennial parade in downtown Columbus.

MC5 Box8 M F23

Image of the birthplace of the first successful artificial Ice Machine built in the United States.

Photograph of six men (and four in the background) standing in Columbus Iron Works

Photograph of seven men (and three in the background) standing in Columbus Iron Works

Young children and adults in armory. A soldier demonstrate how a rifle works

Christmas postcard showing the Haskins family in front of the old Country Club on Cherokee Avenue.
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