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Cassette Tape 14 Side A -- Special and Regular Letters 3




Cassette Tape 14 Side A -- Special and Regular Letters 3





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Sullivan reading letters:

April 1, 1946 [conclusion] from Christine Noble Govan about Wilson's review of Member

letter from Kenneth S. Sagen to Edmund Wilson excoriating his review

April 2, 1946 letter from Leonard Erving to Houghton Mifflin about the reviews of Member

March 24, 1946 letter from Howard Dowdy praising Member

July 7, 1945 letter from Rome on V mail from Corporal Klaus Mann describing his tour of war-torn Europe, hopes to meet Erika, hopes to be discharged before the end of the year, say hello to Reeves

"recent communications" note dated February 8, 1956 from Mary Rodgers;

Christmas 1958 postcard from Marielle Bancou saying "I never loved you and admired you as much as I do tonight"

photograph dated Paris, December 1960 with a letter saying "Darling I love you for having finished your book . . . "

August 6, 1967 letter from Marielle Bancou in London saying she would soon be in Nyack, and sending her love to Ida

Some letters typed by Carson McCullers in ALL CAPS to Mary Mercer; to Marielle about a planned cruise, about Mary Mercer's housekeeper going mad; to Marielle about the assassination of President Kennedy

Sullivan says "And here is a series of all kinds of letters to Carson"

February 4, 1950 from Ramsom H. Gurganes [?] who had met her back in Prohibition day

September 17, 1961 from Debora Davis referring to the Three Arts Club and remembering a "girl in burette and sneakers absorbed in a writer's workshop at Columbia in 1936 or 1937", "you gave me a tea pot which has survived four marriages"

July 12, 1963 from Edwin Peacock and John Zeigler with several photos dated April 1963 of them, Carson McCullers and Mary Mercer. The letter says Oliver Evans came to talk over their early days in Columbus and asking for tickets for the opening night of the play, and thanking them for gifts received from Mary and Carson

15 April, 1963 from Bob Walding [?] and Ed Berry saying that they treasure her friendship and remembering their times together in Columbus and other places, partly thorough reading her books;

21 October from Bob about an upcoming dinner party and a trip to New York, and possibly moving back to Indiana from Paris.




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