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Cassette Tape 14 Side B -- Letters to Carson McCullers




Cassette Tape 14 Side B -- Letters to Carson McCullers





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Margaret Sullivan reading:
November 7, 1961 letter from Frances and Albert Hackett about Carson's illness and hand issues. Describes a wildfire in their area of Los Angeles and their evacuation plans, they are coming to New York soon to see plays and to see her

July 7, 1961 letter from Elizabeth Schmack [?] describing a drought in Switzerland and her hopes to move soon to Zurich in autumn, will keep the chalet. Sorry to hear that Carson had lost the picture of Annemarie and the poem

June 11, 1963 note about a call to thank Mrs. Charles T. Ables for Ida's purse, and to thank McCullers for the Ballad of the Sad Café

note dated around Christmas and New Year's from Mary Tucker thanking McCullers for a poinsettia and talking of various parties, an article about Edward Albee's work, refers to McCullers' pneumonia

August 14, 1963 letter from Grace S. McCallister thanking McCullers for a party on August 2

July 20, [1962?] letter from Jo [Joanne Gomme?] thanking her for a gift of a silver tray that McCullers sent her as a wedding present

January 19, 1965 letter from Alex apologizing for not writing and saying was a wonderful experience it was to serve as her nurse and to thank Dr. Mercer for her hospitality

21 April, 1966 letter from George Freedley regarding the "Ballad of Carson McCullers" and his meeting of her at Cherry Grove with Jane and Paul Bowles

May 11, 1966 McCullers reply asking for his review of "The Ballad of Carson McCullers"

November 15 letter from Jim Spicer about meeting her "that rainy afternoon" and asking to meet her again. He remarks on reading Clock Without Hands and her collected works and how much he admires them

undated note from Joe "to remind you of me who drove you and Max from Peggy's" and hopes to visit her soon

undated letter from Howard Moody who will see her when next at Glen Paterson's

March 25 from Josephine Mullins who says "I hesitate in writing to you but I remember you and your mother. . . from when you lived next door to us on Stark Avenue, I also remember you as a musician"

undated letter from Melven J. Lasky [Floria Lasky's brother] thanking her for flowers McCullers sent, hopes to see her soon

march 21, 1950 postcard from the Bahamas thanking Carson for her cable signed C.L.R

March 21, 1950 letter rom Viola W. Bernard thanking McCullers for her invitation to a fundraiser, and replying to McCullers request for a recommendation about a doctor in Nyack saying she doesn't know anyone to recommend, and also mentions elephants at the Clarkstown Country Club

undated letter from Dr. Sigbert Hershfield in Rome to Carson and Reeves thanking her for her gift of a book and her invitation to Paris, discusses his father's illness, and declines their invitation, glad to hear that the country life "agrees with you both and you are in a better state, especially with Reeve's gastric ulcers"

January 14, 1953 partial letter from Ira Morris to Reeves and Carson from Morocco detailing the on-going riots and unrest, and their pleasant time spent in Marrakesh and are waiting for their visas before going on to West Africa for two weeks

March 2, 1953 letter from Dr. Hugh Gainsbourgh in London saying that it was good to hear from Carson, discussing Reeve's illness and a recommended low-fat diet and recommending another doctor for a second opinion and hopes to see them in Paris sometime

March 13, 1950 letter from Fran Sullivan about The Member of the Wedding opening on Broadway, and hopes she will go on writing for the theater and the Empire Theater where it was performed.




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