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Paper map detailing Muscogee Mills and Eagle and Phenix Mills.

Paper map detailing Columbus Iron Works, Seaboard Air Line Railway, Sol Leob Co., and Empire Mills Company.

Drawings of old downtown Columbus from Columbus Ledger-Enquirer Newspaper

Drawings of old downtown Columbus from Columbus Ledger-Enquirer Newspaper.

Drawings of old downtown Columbus from Columbus Ledger-Enquirer Newspaper.

Drawings of old downtown Columbus from Columbus Ledger-Enquirer Newspaper

As an active London engraver and map publisher in that period, Seale’s numerous works depicted various areas of the British empire, other countries, and the world. Many cartographers who depicted North America in the second half of the 18th century…

Many scholars view this as the most important map in American history because of its role in defining the new nation. Mitchell, a Virginian educated in medicine in Edinburgh, created this map for political reasons, to show how the French were…

This is a reproduction Popple’s key map used to index the twenty separate sheets of the bound version of this massive work. He also sold this version as a large roll-up wall map. Popple’s father and brother served as secretary to the British…

Known as Moll’s “Sasquesahanok Indian Fort” map after the image in the upper left, the map’s title indicates its design, to refute Guillaume Delisle’s “Carte de la Louisiane” map (1718) that showed circumscribed English land claims…

In the early 18th century, Claude Delisle (1644-1720) and his four sons became the preeminent family of French cartography. The most accomplished was the child prodigy Guillaume Delisle (1675-1726), who served as the chief royal geographer and is…

The title of English Empire in America reflects its 1695 publication date, almost a decade before the Acts of Union of England and Scotland (1706 & 1707) that created the Kingdom of Great Britain and the British Empire. Even so, John Senex…

This large map (62 x 53 inches) delineates counties, roads, railroads, and factories. It lists governors and their terms of office. Illustrations feature public buildings, colleges, and scenic points such as Toccoa Falls. The land lots, apparently…

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J. H. Young’s map provides detailed information about Georgia on the eve of major railroad construction and the creation of Atlanta. It shows stagecoach roads, distances between towns, counties, waterways, and even land lots. A proposed canal…

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This was the first American atlas modeled on that of Le Sage’s volume published in Florence, Italy (1806) that focused on European countries and world history. C. V. Lavoisne later produced similar volumes in London. Carey and Lea extended this…

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