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Documenting Covid-19.docx
A perspective from Carl on being an essential worker while also trying to manage college and the shift from in-person learning to virtual instruction.

Me facing time with my significant other

Since I can't really see my family because of the pandemic we tend to do group facetimes and group chats to keep up with each other.

Hello, I am Chase Funk 26 year old History Student at CSU in 2020.
These are homemade masks my wife and I made during the COVID 19 pandemic. At the beginning of the pandemic there was a lot of problems with supply of several resources. Hand…

Archives Submission.pdf
These are original paintings done during quarantine by my cousin Mason McGraw, my girlfriend Hannah Heberlig, my brother Zeke Bray, and myself Landon Bray. I wanted to share some of the art we created during the quarantine to show some of the more…

Big businesses are mass producing face masks for the public. David Viers is looking them over.

Variety of face masks to prevent infection displayed on an arm.
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