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Credits and Special Thanks

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The project was curated by Dr. Amanda Rees, Department of History and Geography, at Columbus State University.

Project authors include 15 students in a Cultural Geography class in the spring semester of 2015:

  • Annotated Bibliographers: Lauri Morris and Philip Causey
  • Interviewer Team: Traci Brookshire, Jessica O'Keeffe, Amanda Whitworth, Cristian Waters, Jasmine Sims, Brian Shirley, Anastasia Romain, Brandon Hatcher
  • Site Cartographers: Alexander Geronzin and Cheltzie Brown
  • Timeline Production: Eretha Hamilton
  • Website Development: David Anderson and Nathan Reeves

Thanks to our community partner Professor Mike McFalls (Future Pasaquan director)

Gratitude to CSU Faculty: Dr. Virginia Causey (Oral History Workshop) and Dr. Brad Huff (GIS)

Special thanks to all those who were interviewed: Walker Williams, William Polk, Victoria Cantrell, T. Burton Wight, Steve White, Mac Moye, Lydia Rogers, John S. Rogers, John Lupold, Fred and Cathy Fussell, Bond and Meg Anderson, Benjamin Pike, and Ann Moye

Credits and Special Thanks