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Take me back to School


Take me back to School


A student perspective on the difficulties of all online learning.




Jasmine Vail-Gomez


I am


As a university student, I loved going to classes and being able to communicate and share ideas with the people around me. I never experienced a pandemic in my life and this is first.
School was great for me. I loved attending it, but the pandemic caused for us to move to online learning. Online learning has been hard with having so many classes. It’s hard when you do not have your professor there to teach in front of you or to be able to ask questions. I am familiar with online classes, and I usually take one, but it’s so much pressure when you’re taking it all online. School online isn’t fun. It’s stressful, and the pandemic has just made me feel where I am tired of not having much school access like the past. I just want to go back to school.


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