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Documenting Covid-19 in the Chattahoochee Valley


Documenting Covid-19 in the Chattahoochee Valley


A collaborative community wide project to document and share local stories and experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.

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Cooper Creek Tennis Center
Sadly, Cooper Creek Tennis Center is closed due to COVID-19

No fishing at Moon Lake
No fishing at Moon Lake due to COVID-19

Idle Hour Park Pavillion
Pavillion is closed due to COVID-19

Easter Sunday Pandemic/Tornado Threat 2020
I took this photo Easter Sunday 2020 - Hovering in my safe space with bike helmet, flashlight and face covered, I wanted to document both my readiness to deal with the pending severe storms that were going to blast through Columbus Georgia that night…

Working from Home
Some of library staff were able to take home boxes of music scores from a large donation to work on from home.

AMC Theatre
An image of the AMC Theatre on Whittlesey Blvd showing an empty parking lot.

Odds and Ends in the Time of Coronavirus
This image brings together three items we didn’t have in the house prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The first item is multivitamins that includes vitamin D. Some early studies have speculated that this maybe essential to a healthy immune system. The…

Home project
maybe paint the kitchen pink...

New normal
OB nurses at work

No More Recycling
Sign at Cooper Creek Park

Park Closed
Closed children's play park next to the River Walk.

2nd and 13th
13th Street with low traffic

A View of 9th Street
A nearly empty view of 9th Street looking west.

Empty River Walk
Empty River Walk trail

Fisherman's Delight
Fishermen gathered on the Alabama side of the Chattahoochee River hoping to get "the big one". Notice there is not a whole lot of "social distancing".

Pray for Workers
A Midas auto garage notice board asking passersby to pray for their Front Line Workers. Board is located in uptown Columbus.

Graffiti on the Phenix City Riverwalk

COVID Graffiti
A COVID-related graffito, found under the railroad trestle that crosses 9th Street.

Empty schools - Double Churches Elementary & Double Churches Middle
This is what COVID-19 has done to the local schools. At this time of day on a Tuesday this loop should be filled with parents picking up their children. Buses should be lined up and being filled with laughing and happy students ready to go home.…
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