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Future Crisis


Future Crisis


A graduating senior's perspective on moving on after this semester.






CSU student


As a graduating marketing senior this semester, the pandemic known as Covid-19 has given my last few months here a negative twist. Taken out of class and forced to be apart of an online format has made learning very difficult for me. I believe the classes I was taking this semester to have been my most important to carry me on with my major. But alas, not all is lost, I am going to apply for my masters of marketing at GSU and finish up in 2 years while attempting to find a digital marketing job to acquire more experience since all entry levels need experienced candidates in which I lack. Its too bad the career fairs I signed up for were all canceled. To sum of this story, life isn’t too bad and we all have to adapt to the future endeavors of this Pandemic. Hope everyone comes out stronger then ever.


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