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Photo of young man in military dress of Company "D", Gem City Guards, Palakta,Florida. Notice saber and plumage on soldier's hat.

Photo of a male individual dressed in double breasted coat, thin mustache.

River bank scene, Halifax River, Daytona, Florida. Boat anchored in middle of river.

Photo of river bank scene, Halifax River. Two oak trees and fishing pier are visible.

Photo of two men in a boat on the Hallifax River, "Where we went trolling."

Photo of river scene, Halifax River with two black men standing by a small sailboat, Daytona, Florida. Lodge visible. "Where we stayed all night when fishing."

Photo of man fishing on a point. "Where I caught [a] 17lbs bass."

Photo of Palm Grove on the banks of the Halifax River.

Photo of palm trees (grove) on Halifax River.

Photo of Price Woods train depot, taken in Florida. This photo is captioned "Where we got off to go deer hunting."

The director of the Dutch West Indies Company, Johannes de Laet, and the company’s chief cartographer, Hessel Gerritsz, collaborated in producing and publishing early maps of the New World. This depiction of the southeastern region of North America…

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Jacques Le Moyne’s map and forty-two of his illustrations of Timucua Indian life in Florida appeared in De Bry’s work. The experiences of le Moyne paralleled and then intersected with that of John White. In 1564 Le Moyne sailed as an…

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