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A graduating senior's message about finishing her last semester online.

One of a half dozen or so fliers posted along Broadway in May. "Boogaloo" is an alt-right slang term for the kickstarting of a second civil war, where conservative whites led by Trump destroy liberals and nonwhites to create a new ethnostate. Talk of…

A student perspective on balancing the transition to online learning while also being an essential worker.

No fishing at Moon Lake due to COVID-19

This image brings together three items we didn’t have in the house prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The first item is multivitamins that includes vitamin D. Some early studies have speculated that this maybe essential to a healthy immune system. The…

A message from a student about online learning.

This picture shows our cat we adopted during quarantine. We adopted her when she was 2 months old from Paws Humane Society. We named her Otie and we love her so much. During quarantine, my sister was feeling sad all the time and my mom has OCD, so my…

Closed Park.JPG
Closed children's play park next to the River Walk.

Pray for Workers.JPG
A Midas auto garage notice board asking passersby to pray for their Front Line Workers. Board is located in uptown Columbus.

Signage leading into Archives and Special Collections regarding save social distancing practices. Signs are part of CSU's Covid-19 Information Initiative.

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 11.02.36 PM.png
This is a photo taken of the Columbus, GA TJ-Maxx yesterday morning when they opened their doors for the first time since shutting down back in March. It is concerning to see that so many would rush out to wait in line to shop, but more concerning to…

Large signage placed at entrance of the library reminding patrons of proper social distancing tactics. Signs are part of CSU's Covid-19 Information Initiative.

Signage displaying symptoms of Covid-19 placed in the library. Signs are part of CSU's Covid-19 Information Initiative.

A student perspective on the difficulties of all online learning.

New signage leading into the stairwell in the Library. Signs are part of CSU's Covid-19 Information Initiative.

Some of library staff were able to take home boxes of music scores from a large donation to work on from home.
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