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The excavation of Confederate boats that were later placed in the Confederate Naval Museum.

Image of the historical marker for Confederate hospitals that were placed in Columbus to house 1500 injured Confederate troops.

Image of the historical marker for the Confederate soldiers, Henry L. Benning, and John Dunlap buried in Linwood Cemetery.

Image of the historical marker for Ladies Defender, which details a brief history of a cannon cast from the bronze utensils and domestic house furnishings provided by women during the Civil War for the Confederate Army.

Burial of General Paul J. Semmes. Semmes in 1868 at Linwood; Semmes was mortally wounded in the Battle of Gettysburg, P.A., July 1863, died and buried in Virginia July 10, 1863, disinterred and buried at Linwood (this photo) in 1868; his body was…
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