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Historical Photograph Collection


Historical Photograph Collection


A collection of historical photographs of Columbus and the surrounding Chattahoochee Valley.


1800s - Present


5 l.f.

Items in the Historical Photograph Collection Collection

Charles A. Snider
Charles A. Snider inventor and owner of the Chainless Front-geared Safety Bicycle.

Dr. Edwin L. de Graffenreid
Photo of a painting of Dr. Edwin L. de Graffenreid, one of the commissioners responsible for the original plan for Columbus 1825-1871. Buried in Linwood Cemetery.
There are several spelling of de Graffenreid such as DeGraffenreid and deGraffenreid.

The House that Tom Built
Tom Food's beginnings. Photo of Tom Huston's Peanut Company in 1925 and in 1928.

Southern Rights Battery<br /><br />
This back of this photograph is labeled "Photograph of Civil War Unit Southern Rights Battery - poss. Capt Joe Palmer of the Harris Artillery out front" however, this photograph is most likely an infantry unit from the Spanish-American War timeā€¦

Two copies of a view of an iron cone believed to be of a confederate torpedo.

Dillingham Street Bridge and the River Bridge<br /><br />
Artists rendering of the covered Dillingham Street Bridge and the concrete River Bridge at Fourteenth Street crossing.

The Bi-City in 1928<br /><br />
Photo of a drawing from the perspective of the Phenix City view of Columbus. Aerial view.

New Chevrolet
Georgia Auto Exchange, 1213 First Avenue, Columbus, GA

Columbus&#039; Motorized Fire Department
Photo showing Columbus' entire motorized fire department. Under Central of Georgia Viaduct on 13th Street. Also shows new Hook and Ladder.

Two copies of a view of an iron cone believed to be of a confederate torpedo.

Columbus Coca-Cola Bottling Co.<br /><br />
Photo of the Columbus Coca-Cola Bottling Company and fleet of trucks

City Airport
Photo of a proposed location of the city airport.

Early Gridlock
Photo Broadway Central Business District traffic

Third National Bank Building. Columbus, Georgia<br /><br />
1928 - Columbus Bank & Trust Company, 3rd National Bank Building - 11th Street and 1st Avenue

The Battle of Girard also known as the Battle of Columbus, Georgia<br /><br />
Old Breastworks on Alabama Hills near Columbus - is often called the last battle of Civil Was was fought. April 16, 1865. Girard was what is known now as Phenix City, Alabama

Muscogee County Court House<br /><br />
Courthouse where the City of Columbus and Muscogee County conduct business in winter.

Started here 1925 - Toms Food&#039;s<br /><br />
Photo of Tom Huston Peanut Company in 1925

Growth of Columbus<br /><br />
Picture showing Broadway at intersection of 11th Street featuring wide paved streets in the top image. Also, same area 75 years earlier in the two images at the bottom of the document with the old Fire Bell Tower.

Northern Business District - Broadway<br /><br />
Development of the north section of the Business District

#4 Fire Department<br /><br />
First Fire Truck in Columbus

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