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Living Through Covid-19: It Was Something


Living Through Covid-19: It Was Something




William L. Bailey


CSU student


Living through Covid-19 Was an interesting experience at first, that slowly turned into one of intense boredom mixed with bursts of fear. When it came to our country, my friends and family thought nothing of it. It didn’t stick even after school was suspended for a week. Even after a month had passed it still didn’t seem real. A part of me was relieved school was suspended and it didn’t seem to be coming back. Then that’s when everything started to get worse and worse. Relatives started to get sick after minor excursions, the isolation from everything and everyone minus my siblings/parents, and tragedy striking our neighbors/friends. After the wife of the elderly couple I worked for passed, was when everything truly started to wear me down. Everything just started to slow down, with each day seeming like weeks. I felt like everything I did was pointless and repetitive. It was just a routine of watching television/Youtube, eating, workout, showering, and sleeping. Day in, day out. Thankfully, however, I was able to keep the loneliness at bay by talking to family/friends over Facetime. My dogs, also helped me stay sane through these events. (The following picture attached was the first photo my family took with my baby cousin who was born during the pandemic)




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