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Living Through COVID-19


Living Through COVID-19




Kenji Guermonprez


CSU student


The greatest impact to my life with COVID-19 was my college experience. Before COVID-19, I lived in the dorms at Auburn, walked freely to all my classes, and dined in at restaurants freely. After COVID-19 restrictions were put in place, most of my classes became virtual and the ones that were in person, I had to wear a mask and had to social distance. It was difficult for me to listen and understand my professors while they wore masks. The online instruction was either live video or recorded videos, with no opportunity to ask questions. I discovered that I do not learn as well from online instruction.
Since the dining rooms were closed, I had to order my food ahead online for takeout.
We also noticed that some of the food items and household cleaning supplies were not available in stores or online. A few examples were chicken meat, Lysol, and toilet paper.
Prior to COVID, my family and I had planned to travel to Okinawa, Japan to visit my mother’s family and enjoy a nice vacation on a tropical island. Due to travel restrictions, we had to cancel our flights and stay home. My great grandmother, who we wanted to visit, is 97 years old, and it is important to us to connect and spend time with our longest living family members.




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