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Documenting Covid


Documenting Covid




Donte Colton




Documenting Covid-19

Covid has drastically changed my life. Before covid-19 I played sports and traveled for my sports very often. So for my 11th-grade season basketball was very normal we traveled to many away games we had a normal practice. During home games, we were able to have people sit on the bleachers that were courtside. Then when covid happened they put the bleaches up and nobody was allowed to be downstairs during basketball games. When covid first happened basketball ended and we were not allowed to do anything. I also had an AAU season that I usually played in after the high school season every year, but since covid happened my AAU season had been canceled just like. With me having nothing to do I had to go get a job at Publix. So for the next few months, I was working at Publix. Eventually, my senior year came around and basketball season had started. Now things were totally different during basketball. Many things changed during practice and during our travels to away games. During the start of the season, we were not allowed to play five on five during practice. Then when we traveled for away games we could only have one person to a seat on the bus, we had to wear a mask on the bus, and sometimes we even had to wear a mask on the bench. Covid had changed our whole schedule for summer league, fall league, conditioning, and our regular season.


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