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Documenting Covid-19 Project


Documenting Covid-19 Project




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The Covid-19 Pandemic started when I was only a junior in high school and I was a cashier at my town’s neighboring Piggly Wiggly. I remember the day we got out of school early because some cases were spotted here in the United States. It was only supposed to be for about 2 weeks, but this was not the case. Covid-19 ruined my junior and senior year. We were excited about junior and senior prom, and we were robbed of those memories. I was excited about homecoming and running for homecoming queen my senior year, I was robbed of this opportunity. We were excited about going to Mexico for our senior trip, but we were robbed of those memories as well. As our school closed, we lost memories and valuable time with our classmates. Dealing with curfews, shutdowns, many businesses being closed, and walking around with masks and other precautions was a drastic change because just the day before everything was normal. Being a cashier during a global pandemic was not the best experience. My mother always reminded me that I did not have to work but I never liked to ask her for money, and I was going to college soon, so I wanted to save money. Every day I went home I was afraid of spreading this awful virus to my loved ones and especially my niece who was 2 years old at the time. My mother is a nurse and she tested positive at the beginning of the pandemic as well as my brother. The virus was something new and many deaths were occurring, I was afraid of losing my mom and my brother. I was afraid and I still am today. Covid-19 is a terrible virus and I wish that this pandemic would have never come about but now it’s too late. We must live with it and hope that it ends and live our lives the best and safest ways possible.


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