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Working during Covid-19


Working during Covid-19


A perspective from Carl on being an essential worker while also trying to manage college and the shift from in-person learning to virtual instruction.




Carl Corley


CSU student


My name is Carl and I am currently majoring in Secondary education with a concentration in history, I am twenty one years old. The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted my life in ways I never expected. In March of 2020 we were told that instruction at CSU would be suspended for two weeks due to Covid-19, but I never expected the remainder of our semester would be converted to all virtual learning. After we were sent home for the semester, I began working at a builder’s supply store which was considered essential work, and the things I saw while working were very surprising. During my time working from March until August, I saw so many people building decks, chicken coops, and anything else you could think of. People were so bored during the quarantine that thousands of people began doing home projects. Another thing that was different about my time working during the quarantine was wearing a mask every day, and the fight I received when I asked people to wear a mask. At the beginning of the quarantine, it seemed as though people did not want to wear a at any cost. Thankfully by the end of the quarantine most of the people I interacted with began wearing their masks and complying to our safety guidelines. Working during the Covid-19 pandemic was very challenging, but I’m proud that I was able to continue working during the Quarantine.


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