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Deja Vu


Deja Vu


At home alone during COVID-19.




Laura Roper Lowe


CSU Alumni


It almost feels as if I have been here before. No, I have never experienced a pandemic before but the staying at home part is so familiar. Some of the happiest years of my life were the years I was a stay home wife and mother. This was many years ago.
As a young military wife in Hawaii with two small children, I was home all day every day mostly. My husband came home for lunch every day so I did lunch and dinner almost every day. I collected cook books and learned to prepare gourmet dishes, in addition to regular fare. Learning to serve food in an attractive way for my small family and guests was gratifying and reminiscent of growing up on a farm in South Central Alabama with my Momma who loved to cook for her family and have guests stop by to share a meal
Later I went into the work force and was no longer a stay at home wife and mother, but the happy times remained with me. Years later I started another family by having a late in life child. Having been a Real Estate Associate in my husband's company, I took time off to once again become a stay at home mom and mother. Again I prepared lunch daily for my husband (first husband I were divorced, so this was a second marriage). Once again I relished preparing dinners for family and friends.
After a couple of years I returned to the work force. This Coronavirus has reminded me of those times. During this time I am back to preparing most of my meals as I live alone, testing out new recipes and commemorating those days in my daily journals and writings. Am able to stay in touch with family and friends via Facebook.
With the exception of Facebook all of this seems like deja vu to me.


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