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Cassette Tape 13 Side A -- Special Letters




Cassette Tape 13 Side A -- Special Letters


Letters to Carson McCullers from celebrities, close fiends and selected fan letters.


1940s, 1950-1967




These are letters from celebrities, close friends and some fan letters, read by Margaret Sullivan. They include:

a get well card from President and Mrs. Johnson dated January 23, 1967

a note from Robert Lantz dated May 12, 1966 saying that he knows that Brando has written and that John Huston hopes to see her in Ireland next year

a fan letter dated November 15, 1966 from "Antaclito", a Filipino immigrant whose real name is Zoro David

a note dated May 3, 1966 from Andre Girard describing his reaction to the film, The Member of the Wedding, and saying that he and Marielle hope to stop by to see McCullers the following week

a thank-you note with no date from Mary Rodgers Guattel

a note dated August 4, 1963 from Cheryl Crawford referring to Mary Mercer's Bentley and hoping to have a Bentley race with her

a letter from David Garrett dated November 19, 1959 about meeting McCullers at a party in New York with Hindu diplomats and Alsatian dogs and would like to visit her around Christmas

an undated note from Betsy Brewer about the acceptance of Aeneas' book of Greek sketches and a visit to her of Ben Edwards. She also asks McCullers how the arrangement for Alice Rowald's [?] apartment in Paris is going and comments that she hopes Edward Albee's play is going well [perhaps referring to the Broadway production of The Member of the Wedding.]

a letter dated September 11 [with no year but obviously written during World War II] from Mary M expressing worry about Reeves, asking about being able to publish an extract from Carson's current book in Bazaar, and knowing that Carson would like to be in France in the midst of the danger, but reassuring her that her writing was also very important

an undated note from H. William Vitalson thanking McCullers for a gift of her book, with a guest list on the back; a Special Delivery

envelop dated July 8, 1958 [empty]

a letter dated August [no year] from Pete about his time spent at the beach in Massachusetts writing 9 hours a day trying to finish his novel

a postcard of the Hollywood Bowl with no date from "Speed" and a note that says "Everyone loves your book"

a note dated October 7, 1953 from J. Jean Evans about some books they had discussed

a letter dated March 10, 1950 from Harold Strauss of Knopf Books declining to become Carson McCullers' editor until she had made a clean break with Houghton-Mifflin

a letter dated February 25, 1950 from Harrel Wolfolk thanking McCullers for her gift of an inscribed copy of her book and describing a frenetic housewarming party outside Charleston, South Carolina

a note dated March 6, 1950 from Egon Hostovskty congratulating Carson on the dramatization of The Member of the Wedding and saying that he hopes to see her soon

a letter dated November 7, 1959 from Mary Tucker and Carson's reply [unread since they were "transcribed by Mother"]

a letter dated June 8, 1953 from Cheryl Crawford addressed to "Darling Carson and Reeves" referring to her current work on a play, hoping that Carson will finish Clock since she's rolling on it and not interrupt that work with another play and wishing that Carson had seen Camino Real

a letter dated July 15, 1953 from Tennessee Williams saying that he is in Barcelona and Frank is in Rome. Just before leaving Rome he had tried to see Reeves in the hospital but he had already checked out. He said that his relations with Frank were strained. Paul Bowles is in Madrid and Williams had convinced Visconti to hire Paul to write some dialog for an Italian movie. Williams also mentions that he has heard that "Miss Capote" is in Europe but they haven't seen each other. He also talks about his bulldog, Mr. Moon, who is in Rome with Frank.

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