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Newspaper clipping with an article written by Claude McBride about the Gardner sister's last week working at Bibb City Elementary before they retired.

A view of the banquet and the guests. Women on the left enter carrying trays of food while other people are seated at their table.

A view of men and women sitting down at long tables with several women moving between tables serving food.

A view of guests sitting at long tables inside what appears to be a gymnasium.

A photo of two tables of conversing men and women. A woman in black smiles at the camera while a man from another table can be seen in the background facing the camera as well.

A picture of a table of guests and a young woman leaning over the table with a pitcher, refilling a cup. Some guests at the table are facing or slightly turned towards the camera.

A group photo of ten young women beside an American flag.

A picture of a table of guests where one woman at the end of the table is turned towards the camera while others converse around her.

A photo of guests from a table. A man and a woman on the end looking towards the camera while two girls in white stand beside the table.

Several children performing on stage. Some children dressed as flowers and other foliage while one girl stands in a dress.

Several little girls dressed as flowers on stage where a sign made out of flowers that states, "Spring's Awakening", can be seen on the wall of the stage.
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