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A young boy tosses a baseball while another young boy stands behind him. Four young boys can be seen in the outerfield. Houses and laundry lines can be seen around the field the boys are playing on.

A group picture of young women on a baseball field.

A young woman in shorts and no shoes runs towards the home plate where a baseball bat lies on the ground. A man stands a distance from the home plate and several women can be seen in the background of the photograph.

A young woman in a white shirt and baseball hat heads towards a base while two other young women, one of which is barefoot, run toward each other.

A young woman standing barefoot on a baseball field while a game is in play in front of her. An audience can be seen sitting in the bleachers and a bus with "Bibb Manufacturing Co." can be seen to the left of the fence behind the audience.

A young woman ,wearing no shoes, tosses a baseball while three other players can be seen in the background.

A group picture of young women on a baseball field.

Thatcher Lee Carr, overseer of the Carding department, taking a swing at the home plate. A woman stands behind him in preparation of catching the baseball in case Carr misses, and another man stands behind her in face and chest gear. The audience can…

Supervisor Roy Stephens batting at the home plate with a woman in her uniform as the catcher and another man with head gear and padding standing behind her. Members of the team and the audience can be seem in the background.

Members of the girls' softball team dunking the catcher into a bucket of water.

Crowd at a softball game the girls' softball team and supervisors at Columbus.
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