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Portrait of "Grandpa Smith" - negatives scratched, very fuzzy/envelope from photo developer.

Mary Ann Bennett Goetchius (married September 11, 1839) 1819-1878. Text on back of the photograph reads, "Mother for Mary Mck."

Photo of an attractive couple sitting in a horse-drawn buggy. Typed description reads “Goetchius relatives, probably 1900”

Tintype photograph in case of Mrs. Mary Goetchius taken at about 40 years of age, n.d.

Photo in daguerreotype case of John Goetchius (1773-1860)

Photo in daguerreotype style of the marriage of Richard Rose and Mary Ann Bennett Goetchius. (The cover is probably not original to picture.) "Richard Rose and Mary Ann (Bennett) Goetchius after their marriage. Blessed father and mother of memory…
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