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One unidentified student holding some sort of string while two other unidentified girls chuckle at her.

MC5 Box1 M F32

Donna Andrews and Micheal Akins, homecoming king and queen walking together.

MC5 Box1 M F32

Unidentified students working on their ice sculptures for the ice carving contest.

MC5 Box1 M f32

Will Cole (with the bull horn) standing next to Larry Kees during homecoming.

MC5 Box1 M F31

Dr.Richard Amendson at bat with student Joe Brown playing catcher during a faculty vs. student baseball game. The final score as 12 to 6 with the students winning.

MC5 Box1 M F30

Two unidentified students working on their ice sculpture for an ice carving contest during homecoming week.

MC5 Box1 M F30

Unidentified students competing in an ice carving contest.

MC5 Box1 M F30

An unidentified woman swinging a hammer at a car meant to be destroyed on Dead Day.

MC5 Box1 M F28

Homecoming dance with Archie Bell and the Dells performing.

Located in MC5 Box2 M F.27
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