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  • Collection: Alva C. Smith Collection Photographs (MC 34)

Postcard of unknown painting "Edgar Mayo(?) to A.C Smith. July 30, 1951"

Al Smith, Guy Moore, George Hurry, George Young with telephones and wire on floor.

Woman on postcard wearing intricate lace collar. February 28, 1925

Photo of Old St. Luke Methodist Church built in 1846 and torn down in 1897. Photo taken by a Mr. Gann prior to its destruction.

Grandma Smith on the porch

Grandma Smith on the porch

Portrait of "Grandpa Smith" - negatives scratched, very fuzzy/envelope from photo developer.

Portrait of "Grandma Smith" negatives scratched, very fuzzy/envelope from photo developer

1002 Broad Street, Smith's Drug Store interior. Four men standing in the interior of the store. One can identify Park Square Chocolates, barber kits, Seltzer, and trinkets.

Interior of a business with four men and a woman posing.

Photo of the Old City Market located on First Avenue and 10th and 11th Streets. Buggies are parked out front.The back of the photograph reads: "From; Edgar Mayo to A.C. Smith. May 19, 1955. Old City Market 1 ave 10 & 11 st. d. 1890s.

An ox team, in downtown Columbus. The postcard is dated to the 1950s; however, the photograph on the postcard itself is dated between 1889-1905. The back of the post card has written: "Edgar mayo to A.C Smith July 30,1951. Broad Street, 1889-1905…

Photo of horse drawn wagon occupied by Shriners. Photo taken in front of Cargill-Wright Manufacturing Company. The Shriners were more formally known as the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrines. They are also associated with the…

Photo of 14th Street Bridge from Georgia side approach. It is being dismantled. Guarded by four policemen. 1905.

Photo of a church sanctuary with beams arching toward the ceiling.

Photo of Police Headquarters (the Columbus Stockade). Police with civilian clothed individuals are in this photo.

Photo of Columbusites that turned out for ground breaking ceremonies for Chamber of Commerce building at 15E 11th Street in 1904 or 05.

Photo of the old St. Luke Church

Photo of a ceremony, laying of a cornerstone of a building. A crown surrounds the stage.

Photo of Police Department (Columbus) 1903 standing in front of Courthouse. Mayor A.H. Chappell is in the center with his hand in his coat.
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