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David Diamond Diary -- Cassette Tape 2 Side A




David Diamond Diary -- Cassette Tape 2 Side A


September 1, 1941 to December 31, 1956 (scattered dates)



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cassette tape




This begins with an unclear date, but may be the rest of the September 1, 1941 entry. The next entry is for October 4, 1941. Over the next few days Diamond comments on the increasing depression of Reeves, saying on October 10, "I do love sleeping with Reeves but somehow I feel that I am holding on to Death" . . . "I love him too much for my own safety. He will leave me a tortured wreck". On October 14, 1941 Diamond wrote "These are two days I shall not write about. Reeves is so intent on destroying himself. He has withdrawn into a shell". On October 27 he says, "There is something terrible brewing". A couple of days later Diamond writes that he opened a letter to Reeves from a nurse and found that they were planning a date at the same time that Reeves is telling Diamond that he plans to spend his live with him. Diamond pauses at this point and says to Margaret Sullivan, "This is hard" and a little later, "I can still feel the pain." He moved out of their shared apartment on November 14, 1941. The entries become much more scattered, and the last one is for December 31, 1956 when Diamond saw Carson at a New Year's Eve event "at the Strausburgs, after the show". . . She was "wearing a Chinese get-up, a far cry from the 11th Street days." As she was leaving, with Rita helping her walk, "she turned to me and said, 'David are you happy?' I said I was and her look was venomous. I am not [unclear if this was said by David or by Carson.] I am happier than I used to be, I said, and she flinched and turned away."




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