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David Diamond Diary -- Cassette Tape 1 Side A (Part 1)




David Diamond Diary -- Cassette Tape 1 Side A (Part 1)


This and the next 2 items consist of David Diamond (1915-2005) reading selections from his diaries which concern Carson and Reeves McCullers. They were read for Margaret S. Sullivan by Diamond on September 27, 1977. Occasionally Sullivan will ask him a question or they will discuss some point. He is obviously scanning his handwritten diaries from the time he met the McCullers in 1941. He stumbles frequently over his own handwriting and will comment on materials he is skipping. His voice is very soft and at times is almost inaudible, even with the volume at the maximum. There is also a ticking clock in the background which contributes to the poor quality of the recording.


May 22-June 16, 1941


David Diamond




Audio recording

Original Format

cassette tape




This tape covers Diamond's diary from May 22 through June 16, 1941

The tape opens with Margaret Sullivan saying, "Recorder, are you working? Testing, testing" immediately followed by David Diamond reading the first entry dated May 22, 1941 which begins, "I have met Carson McCullers and I shake as I write." He goes on to describe their meeting the night before, at which he was high, having just ended a relationship with John. He was charmed by "this lovable child/woman" whose loneliness or loveliness struck him as he entered the room. He debates with himself what the word is, and ultimately can't make it out. He met both Carson and Reeves "whom I know I love". Over the next few days they meet frequently, usually at parties and dinners where alcohol affects them all. After a week, Carson announced "Reeves, David is part of our family. I love him." Diamond loved them both, but concentrates on his physical attraction to Reeves, which was reciprocated. Shortly after they met, Reeves told him that he was the first man for whom he had felt a physical attraction. Diamond's reading is often interrupted by his comments on people and events mentioned in the diary.




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