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Cassette Tape 20 Side B -- Letters [Fans to Carson]




Cassette Tape 20 Side B -- Letters [Fans to Carson]






Sullivan reading: She starts the tape by saying, "Here's a fan letter":

May 24, 1963 from Kathleen van Halder to Carson saying that her 11th grade class is studying The Heart is a Lonely Hunter but they have a question about a paragraph on page 27 of the Bantam paperback edition

June 3, 1963 Carson' replies that the paragraph in question is symbolic about nationalities and that she is sure that her parents and teacher can be of help in answering her questions

May 8, 1963 letter from Bantam Books about the possibility of publishing one of her works in a planned anthology of short novels of contemporary American authors

June 3, 1963 McCullers replies saying that she does not have any unpublished short novels at this time

March 15, 1963 letter saying that McCullers' article about "that radiant being" Isak Denisen in the recent Saturday Review has prompted David Donaho to write to McCullers about the pleasure she has given him over the years, as well did Isak Denisen

June 3, 1963 McCullers' reply is to thank him for his letter and for linking her work with Dinesen's

May 30, 1963 letter from William S. Gray saying how much he appreciates the beauty and clarity of her work and after re-reading it, he is more convinced of that opinion than ever;

June 3, 1963 McCullers' reply says in its entirety, "Thank you, thank you and thank you. It is so blessed to be appreciated. My best to you"

May 28, 1963 letter from John Zeigler describing a quick trip to Philadelphia, Washington and Virginia. He answers a question she had posed to him in a letter read earlier by Sullivan concerning the name of Gordon Hall's cousin. He tells her that it is Isabell Whitney, one of the rich Whitney who left Gordon all this money that he now able to splurge with. Zeigler says that he doesn't believe that they were related, but it easier to say "cousin" than to explain that he was kind to her and she rewarded him with this wonderful legacy. They look forward to seeing her in September

June 3, 1963 McCullers' reply ays that when Gordon came to visit he brought her a beautiful Japanese robe which had belonged to Mrs. Whitney. I will wear it to the opening in September

May 30, 1963 - a long letter from Fred Thiterman in Sweden thanking her for the signed copy of her book, and telling her of his plans for university and perhaps to immigrate to the United States and, he hopes, to have the chance of meeting her

June 4, 1963 - McCullers' reply thanks him for his letter and says that if she is still in Nyack she will be happy to meet him, giving him her phone number

undated letter from Christine McKenzie Willaughby in San Francisco about her pleasure in McCullers' work and what it has meant to her

June 3, 1963 - McCullers' reply thanks her for her note

May 22, 1963 letter from Eugene Haines thanking McCullers for her recent article about Isak Denisen in the Saturday Review, saying that he knew Tanya [as Denisen was known by many people] and had been a frequent guest at her home in Denmark. He enclosed a photo of the Baroness taken with his Polaroid camera. He also told McCullers that Denisen mentioned her with real warmth that day, and also said how much the death of Marilyn Monroe had disturbed her

June 4, 1963 - McCullers' reply thanks him for his letter. She tells him that she has invited Clara [Tanya's companion] to come see her in Nyack and regrets that they would not be able to have any musical evenings if Clara did come since McCullers had sold her piano after her crippling stroke

June 4, 1963 letter from Parmenia Miget thanking McCullers for her Saturday Review tribute to Isak Denisen, saying that Tanya was a very close friend. Ten years earlier Denisen began to give her notes for an eventual biography and she would like to meet McCullers before she finished in the next few months

June 12, 1963 - McCullers reply says that she would like to meet with her and saying that she has several photos of Denisen. She, too, was disturbed by the death of Marilyn Monroe

May 26, 1963 letter from Judy Hatch, a high school student writing an English term paper. She posed several questions to McCullers, including whether she believed in the finality of death, whether living in the South had affected her opinion of the Negro race, did her love of music make it easier for her to bring it to life in her writings, does she use symbolism, or merely write as it comes to her, what was her childhood like

June 23, 1963 - McCullers reply says that to answer her letter in detail would take too much time and suggests that she read McCullers' work and draw her own conclusions.

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