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Cassette Tape 19 Side B -- Publishers Letters / Bill Hope




Cassette Tape 19 Side B -- Publishers Letters / Bill Hope


1947, 1950-1960




Sullivan reading

October 21, 1953 letter from The London Magazine to Floria Lasky with information about the magazine

February 13, 1947 letter from Dennis M. Cohen of Crescent Press, McCullers' English publisher, sending her a copy of The Member of the Wedding and hoping to soon meet her. He also apologized for the appearance and quality of the book, explaining that post-war production difficulties were very great

February 16, 1953 letter from Cohen saying how pleased he is that the terms for re-printing The Heart is a Lonely Hunter are acceptable to her, and hoping that she will delay dramatizing the Diary of A young Girl [Anne Frank] and finish her new novel first

July 1, 1958 letter from Samuel French, Inc. enclosing the proof of McCullers' play The Square Root of Wonderful asking that she correct and return it. Do not approve Broadway version, only approve our original version as published by Houghton Mifflin. Same enclosed

advertisements dated 1962 and 1963 for Italian publishers, along with a Thomas Wolfe book

May 8, 1961 letter from John L. Brown on Foreign Service stationary for the U.S. embassy in Rome asking Carson to authorize an Italian publisher to include a chapter from Clock without Hands in his literary review. He asks how she is and says that they are all well

November 16, 1950 letter from Nunnally Johnson of 20th Century Fox, saying that there was no need for McCullers to answer his note since he knew she was ill. He recalled McCullers father and his drug store and its wonderful smell, the smell of old drug stores before the pneumatic rubber tuna fish salad days. (Sullivan interjects that Carson's father had a jewelry store and that Johnson must have been thinking of the drug store of McCullers' uncle Graham.) He hoped to meet her before long

Sullivan says "this letter was written to follow up the Andrew Bay episode, or in the middle of it rather, looking as if it had been ripped in half because it has been scotch taped back together". The letter is from Bill (probably Bill Hope, Sullivan adds). It is dated June 25, 1958 and was sent from Paris regarding the translation of The Member of the Wedding for a French stage production.

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