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This is a card file index to the sheet music collection of Vincent Bach (VB). Each index card has the following information: VB number; title; Composer, Duration (usually not noted); Arranger (if any); Country (usually not noted); Publisher (which…

BB19 (J. Hartmann) Facilita.pdf
Band Arrangement

J. Hartmann; J.W. Pepper & Son, Philadelphia, Pa.

BB21-Hoch-Der Liebestramm-The Dream of Love (part 1).pdf
Band Arrangement

Hoch, op. 17; Ruhle & Wendling, Leipzig – Remarks: The Dream of Love, Fantasie, piano-director in BP-73

Etude Book

F. Werner; Hammermusiken, Wiesbaden – Remarks: Two Volumes

Etude Book

L. Liesering; Benjamin, Leipzig – Remarks: 2 Volumes [processor's note – Volume 2 was not present as of 2015]

BM1-unknown title (unknown)(part1).pdf
Eleven Solo Arrangements – piano scores (2 pdfs)

Appears to be a Pastiche/Collection of 11 Piano Scores for trumpet solos. Each title page has a red number for the order

BO12-Nevin-The Rosary.pdf
Orchestra Arrangement

Ethelbert Nevin – Arranger: Text, R. Rogers; Schirmer
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