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Orchestra Arrangement

J. Hartmann – Arranger: Ed. F. Goldman; Fischer, N.Y. – Remarks: Air with Variations

BO25-Sabathil-La Nonchalance.pdf
Orchestra Arrangement

Fernand Sabathil; Oertel, Hannover – Remarks: Konzert Polka

Orchestra Arrangement

Rossini – Arranger: Wannemacher, rev. Newcombe;Fischer, N.Y.

BO27-Hoch-Nordische Fantasie (part 1).pdf
Orchestra Arrangement

Theodor Hoch, op. 20; Stern & Co., N.Y., Ruhle & Wendling, Leipzig – Remarks: piano-director in BP-73

Orchestra Arrangement

F. Paolo Tosti – Arranger: Words by Melville; Ricordi, London

Orchestra Arrangement

Decker – Arranger: Schenk; Schroeder, Berlin

BO61-Cornet-12 Russian Dances.pdf
Orchestra Arrangement

manuscript – Remarks: Parts & Scores for 12 Dances

In Box, Cornet part is a pastiche in one book, and the orchestral parts are handwritten in little green books

BO62-Orchestral Collection I (Violin I).pdf
Orchestra Arrangement

manuscript – Remarks: "Solveig's Song" by Grieg, "Errherzog Johonn Lied" by Takseh, "Abendstimmung" by Panoch, "Record-Galopp" by Panoch, "Samson et Delilah" by Saint-Saens

BO63-Violine 1-Orchestral Collection 2.pdf
Orchestra Arrangement

manuscript – Remarks: "Samson et Delilah" by Saint Saens, "Die Post Im Walde" by Schaffer, "Sei Gegrubt Du Mein Schones Sorrent" by Waldmann, "An Der Weser" by Pressel, "Schlosser, die im Monde Liegen" by Lincke, "Es War…
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