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The two young daughters of Bill Lominick sitting on a bench inside of a room.

The Hood family gathered together in a room beside a bed with Bob Hood seated in the center of the group.

The Hood family gathered together in a room beside a bed with Bob Hood seated in the center of the group.

The Hood family gathered together in a room beside a bed. Seated from left to right: Mrs. Hood, Bob Hood, and Burkie. Standing from left to right: Grady Tyler, C.B. Hood, Baby Bobby B. Hood, Mrs. C.B. Hood, Mrs. James Tyler, Baby Karen Tyler, James…

A large group of children sitting, standing, or swimming alongisde a dock while facing the camera.

A clear picture of the group of children from Play Day standing or sitting on the grass, joined by some adults at the back and side of the group of children.

Children and other waiting to go on a water slide in a body of water while some adults look on while other children and youth stand on a little dock off to the side of the water slide.

Slightly blurry photograph of several children and youth either standing or sitting in a line on the grass.

Another view of children and youth sliding down the water slide while others stand or swim around the little dock on the side of the water slide.

Children playing and running in a playground beside a row of houses.

Children and older youth standing or sitting along edge of the Bibb City Swim Pool with some children swimming along the edge of the pool.

Betty Jane standing in front of a bush wearing a badge that says, " State School Patrol Georgia" having her picture taken for winning first prize for a U.D.C essay contest.

7th grade graduates lined up on stage with boys wearing white shirts with ties, and girls wearing boutineers pinned to their blouses.

A group picture of the Krenson family with Mr. and Mrs. Kreson in the middle celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Children gathered around a table at the birthday party of one of the Dudney children.

One of the Dudney children sitting at the head of a table decorated for her birthday party.

One of the Dudney children standing behind her cake in a high chair.

Donna and Deanna Dudney sitting together on a love seat.

Norwood standing behind her birthday cake inside of her home.
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