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MC327.A.P.0005 (FRONT).JPG
Portrait of young man in a room with a window or painting in the background.

MC327.A.P.0018 (FRONT).JPG
Night scene of Gypsy wagons with two figures: one female, full, standing, and centrally located, the other partial, playing a guitar. Additional figure lightly visible on the reverse.

MC327.A.P.0036 (FRONT).JPG
Portrait wearing dark clothes and having dark hair. Set on a red background. Framed and matted.

MC327.A.P.0008 (FRONT).JPG
Portrait of posed female, standing on a red and white checkered floor, before a scalloped archway, with a landscape in the background.

Three dancing figures, two with headdresses, depicted in primarily red landscape. Three sets of three shields are in the immediate background, while decorative pattern work dominates the foreground.

MC327.A.P.0055 (FRONT).JPG
Round sign with a red and black diamond and spiral motif in the center. It read: " Pasaquan- Afro- American- Indian- Nature- Corporative" around the perimeter, just inside a scalloped aluminum edging. Label on reverse from previous exhibit at the…

MC327.A.P.0056 (FRONT).JPG
Small wooden disk painted with a cabin set in a wooded landscape.

MC327.A.P.0057 (FRONT).JPG
Decorative pattern painted onto a small wood disk.

MC327.A.P.0058 (FRONT).JPG
Decorative pattern in red, green, black, and blue on a small wood disc.

MC327.A.P.0059 (FRONT).JPG
Landscape scene with sunset, trees, and a cabin on a small wooden disc.

Two superimposed, black figures in center of painting, holding an almost Shiva-like pose. Large white face on left edge of painting above a partly obscured lilac face. Three "shields" are in the immediate foreground, with the two to each side bearing…

MC327.A.P.0010 (FRONT).JPG
Abstract floral pattern with a blue and white diamond pattern most central and a variant white oval in the bottom right corner.

MC327.A.P.0011 (FRONT).JPG
Landscape with two figures beside a house in the foreground, with a yellow house, trees, and a red sun in the background.

MC327.A.P.0013 (FRONT).JPG
Exterior cooking scene with male and female figures, two buildings, two pots, and two earthen jars. Painting is torn along upper, left frame.

MC327.A.P.0017 (FRONT).JPG
Portrait of a full male figure within a structure, back-lit by an archway behind. A landscape is visible in the background, through the archway which is flanked by two large jars.

Portrait of a man, possibly an inmate, with a red face on a blue background.

Two birds in yellow, violet, and red. Landscape with farm in the background.

Reclining nude figure among pillows.

Three figures around an archway: one male drummer, one male sitar player, and one female dancer. The archway reveals a landscape in the background.

Postcard of unknown painting "Edgar Mayo(?) to A.C Smith. July 30, 1951"
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