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A side view of Anderson Mill. A water tower, swing set, and fence are visible beside the mill.

A view of Anderson Mills from across the street with 1940s cars and telephone wires visible in the photograph.

A view of the side facade of Anderson Mills with a water tower visible behind the building.

A man standing amongst the machines in a workroom of Anderson Mills.

Machinery with spools of thread in Anderson Mills.

A view of three machines (#19, #21, and #23) each with four rows of spooled thread. A person is visible behind a machine on the left of the photograph.

A woman in a blouse and shirt working at a machine with a supervisor standing next to her. Machinery like the woman is working on can be seen through the room.

Four supervisors in ties and slacks stand next to rolls of spooled thread inside of a workroom.

A close-up of a box attached to the side of a building that states, " Bibb Recorder FREE Take One".

box attached to a side of a building that states, " Bibb Recorder FREE Take One". Above the box is a notice sign that states, " If you are injured, no matter how little, tell your foreman about it right away".

Vivian Johnson (right) and Nell Bryant (left) standing next to a 1940s car that is parked on the side of a road.

Vivian Johnson (left) and Nell Bryant (right) standing together beside a river.

Vivian Johnson (left) and Nell Bryant (right) standing on a bridge. Homes can be seen in the background.

Vivian Johnson (left) and Nell Bryant (right) sitting on the arms of a chair. Nell Bryant looking at Vivian Johnson.

Vivian Johnson (left) and Nell Bryant (right) standing on a bridge. Johnson standing slightly behind Bryant.

Vivian Johnson (left) sitting on the arm of a chair while Nell Bryant (right) sits in the chair.

Red ( C.E.) Dom sitting behind a desk filled with papers with an open door visible in the background.

A group of men and women facing the camera as they crowd around a table in a room. The table in the center of the group appears to be decorated for Christmas with a miniature Christmas tree and plates of cookies.
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