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1418 4th Avenue, Columbus, Ga., April 26, 1895. Mr. & Mrs. A. O. Blackmar on right side of porch - children, grandchildren and in-laws. Youngest in the picture Susie Blackmar (born Feb 12, 1895) other baby in arms Mary Blackmar (born Sept 24, 1897)…

Blackmar relative home - built about 1860, 1225 4th Avenue, Columbus, Georgia. "Put it in your Blackmar genealogy- Archie Jr. when is President will need it for the papers."

Photo of one-story frame house of gingerbread style. Mrs. Dana Blackmar - Dana B., Jr. Woman on porch, child on steps Columbus, Ga. 1422 4th Avenue (about 1894). Not at the bottom of the image: This house was town down c. 1949-50 and replaced with a…

Mary Ann Blood Blackmar, John Blackmar Ellis, Archie Augustus Drake III, April 26, 1931. Great mother's 100th birthday- 1418 4th Avenue, Columbus, Georgia" - portrait - woman seated - boys standing.
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