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  • Collection: Joseph Family Collection Photographs (MC 26)

Photo of a young girl wearing a white lace dress and arm cuffs and hat displaying the insignia of the Knights of Columbus.

Photo of young woman. Pleated dress, puffed sleeves. Turn of the century dress.

Photo of young lady, swinging. Notice petticoats

Photo of a group of women dressed in formal white attire in a staggered interlocking formation and a man.

Group photo with five women and one man. Women are young wearing formal white dresses. The woman in the center is sitting on a swing.

Group photo of eight women and one man.

Photo of a scene where a young man assisting a woman to ride a bicycle. Notice her dress as it drapes over the back wheel. On-lookers share in the laughter.

Photo of front of a house with ivy covered walls

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Photo of two women dressed in black turn of the century dress, black in color and high in collar.

Photo of elaborate carriage, spoke wheels, lanterns. A woman is a passenger as driver is seen also.

Small photo of five elderly women, 1880's formal type dress. All five are posing on some steps.

Small photo of a garden scene. A pedestal is seen with a cat sitting on top in the middle of a garden of sunflowers. House in background.

Photo of man and woman, 1920's (early) sitting on a park bench

Photo of an automobile of late 19 teens. There is a chauffeur with two young couples. Note the spare tires which are wrapped in leather.

Photo of two women dressed in long smocked dresses with bonnets. Physically, this photo is damaged

Group photo of four men, four women and four young boys sitting in the grandstands. All individuals in this photo are wearing hats taken at the turn of the century.

Photo of two men and one woman, turn of the century dress. Celebrating with a bottle of wine.

Photo postcard of Pauline at 2 years and 4 months old being held by mother dressed in 1920's style clothing.

Small photo of five women posing behind a fence railing.

Photo of middle aged woman, white blouse with black tie. Background reveals some horses.
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