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  • Collection: Pasaquan Collection (MC 327)

MC327.A.P.0029 (FRONT).JPG
Unfinished work. Three female dancers and two male drummers set in a courtyard.

MC327.A.P.0030 (FRONT).JPG
Theatrical stage scene with five ballerinas performing for an audience of four. Alternate composition visible on reverse.

Pasaquoyan head above a landscape.

MC327.A.D.0002 (A).JPG
Three illustrations of male Pasaquoyans.

MC327.A.P.0035 (FRONT).JPG
Portrait of Pasaquoyan male wearing a robe decorated with Pasaquoyan faces, mountains in the background. Framed and matted.

MC327.A.P.0039 (FRONT).JPG
Portrait of single male figure, with house, tree and river in the background. Vibrant, surreal palette. Commercially matted and framed.

Portrait of a man wearing a turban with geometrically decorated archways behind him. Commercially matted and framed. Extensive tape damage.

Abstracted landscape of geometric "sunburst" flowers, with a river, mountains, and sky in the background. Commercially framed.

MC327.A.P.0045 (FRONT).JPG
Interior scene of a man and a woman, seated, drinking from wine glasses. Three paintings are visible in the background.

MC327.A.P.0046 (FRONT).JPG
Landscape with two trees and a road in the foreground, hills, mountains, and the sun in the background. Geometric border of eggs and darts. Painted on the re-purposed end of a large wire spool.

MC327.A.P.0019 (FRONT).JPG
Portrait of black man wearing cap, landscape in background which includes a red sun, cabin, and barn.

MC327.A.P.0021 (FRONT).JPG
Circular portrait of a man on a dark background.

MC327.A.P.0027 (FRONT).JPG
Two warriors on a ceremonial platform with gong and jars. Mountains, forest, and body of water in the background.

Night scene landscape with three buildings, two figures, and a dog.

Two partial faces on a black field with a symbolic candle holder, decorated with an eye inset into a geometric pattern, between them.

Landscape with two figures, one male musician, one female dancer. Extensive buildings in foreground, trees and mountains in the background. Framed and matted.

MC327.A.P.0037 (FRONT).JPG
Interior still life scene of cup and saucer, pitcher, and plate of fruit on a white table. Two paintings and an archway are in the background with a landscape visible in each. Framed and matted.

MC327.A.P.0014 (FRONT).JPG
Beach scene with sunbathing figure. Painting is torn in upper left corner.

MC327.A.P.0001 (FRONT).JPG
Woman with red bow and blue shirt set within an interior bedroom scene. Nails protrude from all four outward edges.

MC327.A.P.0003 (FRONT).JPG
Landscape with cabin in lower left foreground, trees in the fore and background, and a possible sunset in the distance.
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