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Special Collection 1 - Vincent Bach Collection


MC 326


International Trumpet Guild

Special Collection 1 - Vincent Bach Collection


7 boxes

BB-Band Arrangements (missing BB 19-24, B 27, 29, 35-36)
BQ-Brass Quartets
BP-Trumpet & Piano (missing BP 2, 5, 11, 51, 52, 56, 57)
BE – Etude Books (missing BE 1-6, 8-9, 11-12, 15-16, 19-20)
BM-Miscellaneous Music (BM 5 missing)
BO – Orchestra Arrangements (missing B 30-60)

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Adam C White
Dylan Lee Boyd
Stevie Vought

Collection Items

BB-1 – "Concert-Fantasie on a Theme"
Band Arrangement, incomplete handwritten score by bach, hand written parts, printed piano score, complete handwritten score by Popp

by Hayden, Arr. Vincent Bach - W. Popp, op. 365; Cranz, Hamburg

BB-2 – "Fantasie Concertante"
Band Arrangement

Theodore Hoch; Ruhle & Wendling, Leipzig – Remarks: piano-director in BP-73

BB-3 – "Carnival of Venice"
Band Arrangement, Hand-Written Parts

Herbert L. Clarke; Carl Fischer, N.Y., copyright 1912

BB-4 – "Bad'ner Mad'lin"
Band Arrangement

Karl Komzak; Fisher, N.Y., Copyright 1910 – Remarks: Girl of Baden

BB-5 – "The Pearl of the Ocean"
Band Arrangement

C. Otterer – Arranger: Theodore Hoch; Fischer, N.Y., copyright 1902

BB-6 – "Fantasie Brillante"
Theodore Hoch, op. 18; Ruhle & Wendling, Leipzig – Remarks: Erinnerung and Prag, piano-director in BP-73

BB-7 – "Slavische Fantasie"
Band Arrangement

Carl Hohne; Bote & Bock, Berlin

BB-8 – "Fantaisie"
Band Arrangement

Francis Thomé; Evette & Schaeffer, Paris

BB-9 – "Thema und Variationen"
Band Arrangement

Eckhard; Philipp & Son, Berlin

BB-10 – "Behut Dich Gott"
Band Arrangement

V.E. Nesslor; Schuberth & Co., Leipzig – Remarks: from Der Trompeter Von Sakkingen

German Version of BB13

BB-11 – "Romance in F Minor"
Band Arrangement

Peter Tchaikovsky – Arranger: Safranek; Fischer, N.Y., Copyright 1919

BB-12 – "Calvary"
Band Arrangement

Paul Rodney – Arranger: Laurendeau; Fischer, N.Y., Copyright 1908

BB-13 – "Young Werner's Parting Song"
Band Arrangement

V.E. Nessler – Arranger: Lake; Fischer, N.Y., Copyright 1919

English Version of BB10

BB-14 – "Si tu M'Aimais"
Band Arrangement

L. Denza – manuscript

BB-15 – "Solveig's Song"
Band Arrangement

Edvard Grieg – Arranger: Safranek; Fisher, N.Y., Copyright 1915 – Remarks: from Second Peer Gynt Suite

BB-16 – "Love, Here Is My Heart"
Band Arrangement

Lao Silesu; Feist, N.Y., copyright: 1915

BB-17 – "Vilja-Lied"
Band Arrangement

Franz Lehár – Arranger: Dostal; Doblinger, Leipzig – Remarks: and Das Lied Von Dummen Reiter

BB-18 – "Inflammatus"
Band Arrangement

Rossini – Arranger: Wannemacher, Rev. Newcombe; Fischer, N.Y., copyright 1912

BB-25 – "Second Hungarian Rhapsody"
Band Arrangement

Liszt; Arranger: Tobani; Fischer, N.Y., copyright 1896

BB-26 – "Maritana"
Band Arrangement

Th. Moses – Arranger: Tobani, op. 383; Fischer, N.Y., copyright 1900 – Remarks: From W.V. Wallace's Opera of the Same Name
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