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Goetchius Family Collection Photographs (MC 292)


MC 292


Goetchius Family Collection Photographs (MC 292)


The collection of photographs from the Geotchius Family Collection (MC 292).




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Goetchius Family collection (MC 292)
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Columbus, Georgia


The Goetchius Family

Collection Items

The Marriage of Richard Rose and Mary Ann Bennett Goetchius
Photo in daguerreotype style of the marriage of Richard Rose and Mary Ann Bennett Goetchius. (The cover is probably not original to picture.) "Richard Rose and Mary Ann (Bennett) Goetchius after their marriage. Blessed father and mother of memory…

John Goetchius
Photo in daguerreotype case of John Goetchius (1773-1860)

Mrs. Mary Goetchius
Tintype photograph in case of Mrs. Mary Goetchius taken at about 40 years of age, n.d.

Mr. Goetchius
Photo of Mr. Goetchius from “Mr. Goetchius to Mercer” (presumably Mercer Blanchard, whose doctor's office was later in this house)

Henry Richard Goetchius
Photo of Henry Richard Goetchius, Waynesville, North Carolina, August, 1912

Uncle Henry and Little Marshall
Photo of “Uncle Henry and Little Marshall”, Waynesville, NC, August 31, 1912

Uncle Henry and Little Marshall
Photograph of Uncle Henry and Little Marshall.

Ellis and Dinglewood
Photo taken of ?ommie Ellis & Mary, Dinglewood, August, 1903

Car in the Mud
Photograph of a car driving down a muddy road. On the back it reads "C A Scuddler and car."

Mary Goetchius
Photo of Mary Goetchius at age 17, 1873. "Born 1856- dies 1882 (m, Guy C. McKinley) My sweet sister (HRG)"

Mary E. Goetchius
Photo of “Sister Mary” (Mary E. Goetchius) taken by Van Riper, Columbus, GA, 1869

H. R. Goetchius
Photo H.R. Goetchius taken by Van Riper, Columbus, GA, 1866

Picnic at the Bullard's Country Home
Photo of a group of 14 adult men and women on porch of a log cabin at picnic at Bullard's country home. Text on the back of the photograph reads: "Kodak of picnic party at Dr. Bullard's country home July - 1912 - taken by T.C. Hudson. The order named…

Horse and Carriage
Photo of an attractive couple sitting in a horse-drawn buggy. Typed description reads “Goetchius relatives, probably 1900”

Richard Rose Goetchius
Photo of Richard Rose Goetchius at age 58, father of Henry R. Goetchius. Photo taken by Van Riper, Columbus, Georgia, 1872. Text on the back of the photograph reads: "Richard Rose Goetchius, aged 58, died November 21st 1875, aged 61, my dear noble…

Robert E. Lee
Photograph of Robert E. Lee. Text on photograph states, "Entered according to Act of Congress by M.B. Brady & Co. in the year 1865 at the District Court of the District of Columbia."

Guy McKinley
Photograph of Guy McKinley taken in Macon, Georgia

Three Ladies in July
Misses Mary McKinley, Mary Beatty, Sarah Cobb, July 1900.

Willie and Mary McKinley
Photograph of Willie and Mary McKinley.

Mary and Little Marshall
Photograph of Mary Wellborn and Little Marshall
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