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box attached to a side of a building that states, " Bibb Recorder FREE Take One". Above the box is a notice sign that states, " If you are injured, no matter how little, tell your foreman about it right away".

A close-up of a box attached to the side of a building that states, " Bibb Recorder FREE Take One".

Four supervisors in ties and slacks stand next to rolls of spooled thread inside of a workroom.

A woman in a blouse and shirt working at a machine with a supervisor standing next to her. Machinery like the woman is working on can be seen through the room.

A view of three machines (#19, #21, and #23) each with four rows of spooled thread. A person is visible behind a machine on the left of the photograph.

Machinery with spools of thread in Anderson Mills.

A man standing amongst the machines in a workroom of Anderson Mills.

A view of the side facade of Anderson Mills with a water tower visible behind the building.

A view of Anderson Mills from across the street with 1940s cars and telephone wires visible in the photograph.

A side view of Anderson Mill. A water tower, swing set, and fence are visible beside the mill.

Vivian Johnson and Nell Bryan walking down a path in between houses in Anderson Village.

The front facade of Anderson Mills from across the street with three women standing in front of the fence that surrounds the building. A 1940s car is parked on the right.

Six men standing shoulder to shoulder in front of bowling lanes. From left to right: W.C. Talton, Dennis Hyder, E.E. McCoy, Edgar Renfroe, Robert Jones, Talmedge Ethridge.

Three men sitting with a fourth man standing behind them in a corner with walls decorated with photographs. From left to right sitting: Willie L. Hatcher, J. Edgar Renfroe, Joseph A. Johnson. Standing: Woodrow Williams.

Ten supervisors posing with their diplomas, seven standing and three sitting down.

A group of men posing with their diplomas around a desk and an older man.

Geraldine Webb standing in front of a house.

Copy of a photograph of Jesse Kite at 17 years old copied in 1951.

The two young daughters of Bill Lominick sitting on a bench inside of a room.
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