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Portrait of nude women waist-deep in water. Landscape with trees in the background.

MC327.A.P.0028 (FRONT).JPG
Three figures: two drummers, and a central female dancer. Set within a landscape, with houses and mountains in the background. Earlier composition visible on reverse.

MC327.A.P.0041 (FRONT).JPG
Exterior scene depicting two potters conducting their trade. One standing female trimming pots, and one seated male throwing them. A number of Pasaquoyan caravans and a walking figure are in the immediate background, with mountains and larger,…

MC327.A.P.0050 (FRONT).JPG
Front: Landscape depicting 2-3 Pasaquoyan structures, with a tree and plant in the foreground and mountains in the background. Limited colour palette. Almost abstract in initial appearance.
Reverse: Floral depiction with four red flower buds.…

Three female musicians and one female dancer performing under a pavilion on a rectangular-tiled floor which mirrors the ceiling. Clouds and a treeline appear in the background. Framed and matted.

Scene of a Pasaquoyan warrior with spear and shield. Ceremonial platform and gong in the foreground, forest, mountains, and sun in the background. Multiple tears and perforations.

MC327.A.P.0034 (FRONT).JPG
Portrait of Pasaquoyan male surrounded by an additional thirteen, smaller Pasaquoyan male portraits. Framed and matted.

MC327.A.P.0004 (FRONT).JPG
Portrait of mustached man with seated woman in the background. Two paintings are visible in the background, as is a landscape through a window.

Still life of a pot or vase decorated with a facial motif, three faces in the background.

MC327.A.P.0012 (FRONT).JPG
Portrait of a male, primarily in red, black, and yellow.

MC327.A.P.0016 (FRONT).JPG
Circular portrait with earrings, one red, one white. The number "78" appears on the reverse, written in pencil.

Native American man and child standing in a doorway. Framed.

MC327.A.P.0038 (FRONT).JPG
Portrait of a woman wearing red, with a nose ring, balancing a jug on her head. Landscape with two buildings, trees, and a sunburst in the background. Commercially matted and framed.

Primarily red, yellow, and brown depiction of a Pasaquoyan ritual object. Three eyes and a candle adorn a largely crescent-shaped object. Deeply set within a white and black frame.

MC327.A.P.0002 (FRONT).JPG
Abstracted landscape with multiple, superimposed figures. Framed and matted. Previous exhibition label on reverse.


MC327.A.P.0006 (FRONT).JPG
Still life of seven yellow flowers in a dark, red-violet vase with chair, interior, and landscape in the background.

MC327.A.P.0049 (FRONT).JPG
Outdoor scene of a standing female, possibly doing laundry, with two wooden tubs on a table. An urn-shaped pot is on a fire in the immediate background. Rustic, carved wood-plank frame. Decorative design on cardboard backing sheet, on reverse.

MC327.A.P.0052 (FRONT).JPG
Pasaquoyan family in a forest. Rustic, carved wood-plank frame. Decorative design on cardboard backing, on reverse.

Landscape with houses, bridge, sunburst, and woman carrying a pot upon her head.

Portrait of a Pasaquoyan Male wearing a power suit with a forested landscape and orange sky behind. Commercially matted and framed.
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