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Clover Leaf Polka - J. O. Casey.pdf
Solo Piece for Cornet and Piano, by J.O. Casey, co/1886

Gladys' Polka - Walter Emerson.pdf
Cornet Solo with Piano Accompaniment

by Walter Emerson, co/1891

Stradella-Kirchen Aire.pdf
Solo Piece for Cornet and Piano

aus Stradella, by bearb. Von Ad. Stiegler

Largo von G.F. Handel - Ubertragen von Otto Wellmann.pdf
Solo for Cornet and Piano

by G.F. Handel in Kompositionen und Ubertragungen fur cornet A Pistons

Trumpet Solo with Orchestra

by Ch. Frehde

Solo Piece for Trumpet and Piano

by Ch. Frehde in Trancriptions und Compositionen fur das Cornet, co/October 18, 1898

Abschieds-Standchen - W. Herfurth.pdf
Solo Piece for Trumpet and Piano

B Trompete, by W. Herfurth

Adagio religioso - Ad. Garn.pdf
Solo Piece for Trumpet and Piano

by Adolf Garn

Adonis Polka - Geo. Wiegand.pdf
by George Wiegand in Arbuckle's solos for Cornet a Piston with Pianoforte Accompaniment, co/1877

Rode-Air Varie.pdf
Solo Piece

by P. rode in "Werke fur Cornet a Piston"

W. Schnicke-Albumblatt.pdf
Solo Piece for Oboe or Trumpet and Piano

by W. Schonicke

Otto Girschner-Albumblatt.pdf
Solo Piece for Trumpet and Piano

by Otto Girschner in Solo-Piecen fur Cornet a Piston, 1899

J. Levy-Alexandra.pdf
Solo Piece

by J. Levy, Original Melody for Cornet & Piano
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